Belt Type Conveyor for Small Parts, Machine Tool Scraps and Trimmings

Hennig Belt Conveyor

The universal transport solution for applications without any liquids.  The belt conveyor allows the transport of parts and scraps (small to medium sized) in metal, plastic, cardboard up to 15 kg / linear meter. It is suitable to solve extraction problems (pressure forming parts, punching scraps and trimmings) or level change. The conveyor transport belt is oil and grease resistant. 

Easy maintenance, easily accessible mechanical parts, direct drive (motor shaft end).

Conveyor Overview

  • Overload/jam protection
  • Varibale speed drive
    • 0.8 m/min - 3.3 m/min
  • Paint
    • textured blue, white, grey, black (standard)
    • custom colors as required
  • Incline angle
    • 60° / 45° (standard)
    • custom angles as required
  • Low profile design
  • PVC or PUR belt (up to 80°C)
  • Custom belt for high temperatures (over 80°C)
  • With or without cleats
  • Oil/grease resistant belts
  • Wipers
  • Driving mechanism integrated in the drum
  • Part removal
  • Punch scraps/trim
  • Wet or dry machining
  • Not ideal for applications with coolant

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