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Breakdowns Reduced, Productivity Increased at BHS Corrugated

February 20, 2023

For over 60 years, BHS Corrugated (Weiherhammer, Germany) has produced wallpaper systems and
machinery. Over the years, the company’s focus on innovation, digitalization, and automation has
made it a leading provider for the industry.

With all this production comes plenty of protection needs. To keep things running smoothly, BHS
counts on Hennig to help keep employees and machines safe and productive.

The problem: pesky aluminum chips

As any machine shop knows, dust, swarf, and other contaminants are constantly trying to make a
mess of productivity. To combat these threats, BHS employs a high degree of automization to help
ensure product quality and operator safety.

Recently, two of the lathes at BHS showed an obvious need for upgrades in machine protection. The
machines were producing wallpaper rollers up to 3.3 meters wide, and in the process, hot chips
regularly jammped the aluminum apron covers, tearing the connecting hinges from the rods. On top
oft hat, the spring tension of the apron cover’s rollup system slackened over time. This meant the
apron covers could no longer function, and a fix was needed.

The solution: Hennig

To avoid high spare part costs, BHS Corrugated worked with Hennig to develop a new solution. To
make sure the bridge would not be jammed by chips as they were swept away, a guide was fitted.
And the spring with the rollup was replaced with a redirection of the apron cover to the back of the
machine. These changes immediately reduced wear and tear and increased material preservation.

This solve introduced a further optimization: the two-part construction of the steel cover divided the
weight of the long apron cover. In other words, for short strokes, there was no need for the apron
cover to move completely. As a result, the aluminum apron covers enjoyed a reduced load and
shorter downtime.

And even with longer strokes, the aluminum apron covers move smoothly. Previously, jerky
movement put much more strain on the material. And on the service side, thanks to the new three-
segment apron cover construction, there is no need to replace the complete apron cover. The
damaged segement ist he only part that would need a repair, greatly reducing overall cost.

The outcome: no machine shutdowns

A deficient machine tool can have plenty of deleterious effects. On the flip side, a proficient machine
boosts produtivity and profitability. Thanks to Hennig’s machine protection improvements, BHS
Corrugated has realized those benefits.

The solution Hennig developed for BHS can be easily replicated on similar equipment. No matter
what you needbe it chip conveyors, machine protection, cable carriers, or morewe are standing
by to help you Protect Your Success. When you’re ready, reach out to get started with us on your
custom solution.

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