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Simple Tips to Avoid Downtime and Repairs: Chip Conveyors

March 02, 2023

In a recent post, we discussed the importance of maintaining way covers to keep production lines moving. Chip conveyors are another component of the machining process that can cause backups if not given proper care, so that’s the topic today.

Hennig chip conveyors are known for outperforming expectations, even in the most demanding production environments. But there are things you can do to help maintain their peak performance. Taking just a little time to do things right saves a lot of downtime later.

Constantly Coping with Chips

One problem that can frequently occur with conveyors is the same one you have after a summer picnic or Super Bowl party: too many chips.

Chips that build up on a conveyor can get stuck and cause a jam. It’s a good idea to let the conveyor run a while after you’ve finished making your part to evacuate all the chips. The process will go smoother if you don’t shove them all down into the conveyor at the same time. Spread them out. We call it metering the chips in.

Overfilled hoppers can allow chips to be dragged right back into the machine, so watch them carefully. How often you empty your hoppers depends on what you’re cutting. You might be making fines and don’t need to empty it a lot, or you might be cutting parts with long and stringy chips that fill it up fast. A hopper can be as small as a trash can or as massive as a dumpster, so take a little time and give it some thought. By being aware of the problem and monitoring your operations, you’ll soon develop a feel for when you think the hoppers should be cleared.



Occasional PM

Check the belt tension every 100 hours or so. Also check to see if your model has bearings that need to be greased periodically.

Long-Term Care

Some mechanical things can go wrong with a chip conveyor eventually, typically after a decade or so of service. Crimps and motor problems can occur about that time. Check with your Hennig service representative for a PM inspection.

Heads Up

Like way covers, a tool or workpiece dropped on a conveyor can really do a number on it. Be proactive and check your surroundings for potential hazards.

Need a Conveyor Repair? We’ve Got You Covered.


Whenever your Hennig conveyor needs service or repair, we have parts in stock to get it up and running, and the skilled personnel to repair or replace the damaged or worn parts. Conveyor belts, drive motors, and other parts can get damaged, worn, or just get old. Before investing in an entirely new system, check with us to see if your existing Hennig conveyor system can be put back into action. Request a repair today, and we’ll get right on it.

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