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Cable Carriers for OEMs: Right Here at Hennig

January 02, 2023

Cable Carriers

When the product is made right, cable carriers tend to last for a good long while. For any OEMs ready to make a cable carriers purchase, chances are they already have a product in mind that they trust to get the job done.

The Hennig difference

But for anyone who’s shopping around for a cable carrier provider, you should know the Hennig difference: we tend to welcome and support all who need it. Whether you work at Hennig or you do business with us, you can expect to be treated like family. We’ve grown quite a bit over the years into a global presence, but you can still feel that local familial influence.

Our main facility is in northern Illinois, but we also have fully stocked warehouses in Oklahoma, Michigan, and Ohio. When you need something and you need it now, every mile counts.

Types of cable carriers (and their benefits)

No matter which type of cable carrier you choose, you’re getting a vital support system for cables and hoses. Using cable carriers helps to reduce wear and tear while improving safety and reducing entanglements at the same time.

Feel free to head to our main cable carriers page to explore further, but here’s a quick rundown of the cable carrier types we offer at Hennig.


  • Kolibri:

    plastic construction for lightweight applications. Reliable and cost-effective.
  • PKK:

    4-piece plastic construction with optional aluminum crossbars. More robust and capable of longer travel than Kolibri.
  • SLE:

    steel construction, useful for OEMs who need longer spans, more strength, an outdoor application, or a high level of temperature resistance.

A crucial benefit of Hennig’s plastic cable carriers

Most cable carriers need mounting brackets to be properly installed. This adds an additional part that you need to account for if you need a repair. We’ve seen production held up for far too long at OEM facilities simply because the mounting brackets they needed were not in stock.

To avoid those frustrations, Kolibri and PKK cable carriers come equipped with integrated mounting holes. No mounting brackets needed!

One more Hennig perk: it’s all under our roof

We’re big on the convenience of bundling at Hennig, because we know how cumbersome it can get for OEMs when they work with multiple vendors on a project. For OEMs in the manufacturing and machining space, partnering with Hennig is a huge time saver.

Cable carriers are just the tip of the iceberg here. Enclosures, bellows, rollups, conveyors and a whole lot more are produced right here in our U.S. facility. It’s a massive plus for the engineers and purchasing professionals we work with, who only need to be in touch with one contact for multiple projects.

Serving all industries that need cable carriers

Hennig has a global footprint in machine protection, but our cable carriers line serves many other sectors as well. AWP (aerial work platforms), food, overhead cranes and amusement parks are several of the many verticals we’re happy to serve.

If you value not just a product that will last, but a team who responds quickly, delivers on time and supports you when you need it, contact our team today. We’ll provide the top-tier cable carriers, and the top-tier peace of mind that comes with knowing Hennig has your back.

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