Cable & Hose Conduits/Carriers

Hennig Cable Carrier System

Help protect and guide cables, hoses, and hydraulic and electrical lines on equipment and machinery with cable carriers for a wide variety of applications including, robotics, handling, textile industries, water treatment plants, machine tools, and much more. Our systems reduce wear and stress on cables and hoses, prevent entanglement, and improve operator safety.

For most applications, cable carriers (drag chains, energy chains, cable chains, cable tracks) made of plastic is your first choice. Chemical resistance, lightweight and low costs are the major advantages. Steel chains are used under extreme payloads and high mechanical or other particular requirements. For extreme cycles, the hardened (carburized) steel is required to achieve a long life.

Our selection of cable carriers offers a huge selection, ensuring you get the right setup for your application.

Value of cable carriers?

Cable carriers, also known as cable tracks, are designed to surround and guide electrical cables, and pneumatic or hydraulic hoses connected to your machinery. They help reduce wear and stress on cables and hoses while also improving safety conditions and prevent entanglement on the job.

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