cnc chip conveyors



There's no escaping the fact that the machining process creates chips. It's also a fact that chips are nasty. From long and snarled to fines and sludge, these little metal monsters are known to jam up your machine tools and slow down your production.

The only way to deal with chips is to get them out of the work zone as quickly and completely as possible. That’s where Hennig chip conveyors come into the picture. Our chip conveyors set the standard for removing chips and debris, improving the life of precision machines and the accuracy of output.

Why Hennig? We have a long history serving the machine tool industry. That lets us design a conveyor that fits just about any machine that makes a chip. We'll help you integrate all of the technology and controls you need to take chip management to a higher standard.

cnc chip conveyor

cnc chip conveyors

Auger & Flexible Screw Conveyors
Auger & Flexible Screw Conveyors
An auger (also known as a screw) conveyor is great for limited space applications, small chips, various types of material, and wet or dry applications.
Hinge Belt (Link, Chain) Chip Conveyors
Hinge Belt (Link, Chain) Chip Conveyors
A proven conveyor solution for a variety of materials, chip types, and chip loads, hinge belts can be modified to handle more troublesome waste like tough scrap and heavy parts.
Magnetic Chip Conveyors
Magnetic Chip Conveyors
This model is intended for ferrous material applications which produce small chips and fines. Small ferrous chips are evacuated by powerful magnets rotating underneath the belt.
Mobile Chip Conveyors
Mobile Chip Conveyors
The mobile auger-assisting conveyor gives operators a convenient way to lift chips into full-size barrel or hopper-high receptacles. It reduces machine clean-out effort and eliminates back-related fatigue.
Scraper Belt Chip Conveyor
Scraper Belt Chip Conveyor
Ideal for fine chips and swarf, the scraper belt moves in reverse, collecting and dragging chips up the incline to the discharge end. Perfect for aluminum, brass, and cast iron.


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which conveyor system is right for me?

The below chart will give you a basic idea of what you should look for in a conveyor system for your CNC machine. Of course, you can always contact us and our experts will be happy to walk you through the options.

Chip TypeHingeScraperMagneticHinge with CDFScraper with CDFHinge with PureFlowScraper with PureFlowAugerMobile
1.1 ribbon long+o-++oo*
4.2 washer helical short+--++--*
4.3 washer helical snarled+o-++oo*
5.1 conical helical long+o-++oo*
5.2 conical helical short+--++--*
5.3 conical helical snarled+o-++oo*
6.1 arc connected+o-++oo*
6.2 arc looseo+-oo++*
7 elementalo+-oo++*
8 needle-+---++*
9 fineso+ooo++*
1.2 ribbon short+--++--*
10 swarf sludgeo+ooo++*
11 small parts scrap-o+--oo*
1.3 ribbon snarled+o-++oo*
2.1 tubular long+o-++oo*
2.2 tubular short+--++--*
2.3 tubular snarled+o-++oo*
3.1 spiral flat+--++--*
3.2 spiral conical+o-++oo*
4.1 washer helical long+o-++oo*

+ Good | - Suited Under Certain Conditions | o Not Recommended

To reference a visual representation of the different chip types, view the image here.

*Mobile conveyors use different belts depending on your application. To find out if a mobile conveyor is right for your application, please contact us.

frequently asked questions

Chip conveyors are required in machining production to remove chips from the work area of a CNC machine and can be processed for recycling.

Chip conveyors are used to remove chips from machine tools and put them into a collection container while also separating the chips from the coolant. Chips are removed from the machine, so it does not become jammed with chips over time.

Depending on the material and the type of chip produced, there are different types of chip conveyors with different technology: hinge belt conveyors, scraper belt conveyors, magnetic conveyors, medium filtration conveyors (PureFlow), high-end filtration (CDF, or chip-disc filtration), and auger conveyors to name a few. To view all of Hennig’s conveyor types, visit https://hennigworldwide.com/conveyors-and-filtration/.

Chip conveyors present a number of advantages for companies, including in increase in labor productivity, minimizing risk of accidents, and recycling of clean coolant after filtration.


When you aren't moving chips out and away from your machine you increase the risk of machine failure and downtime. Use the calculator below to see how quickly things can add up.