CNC Coolant Filtration Systems


The machinist's main ally in the fight against friction is liquid coolant, but coolant contaminated by processing residues like chips and dust can work against you. The foreign substance caught in the liquid shortens the life of pumps and valves within coolant systems, and can even damage the finish of the part being machined. Not good for productivity.

The good news is that contaminants can be removed from coolant with the use of a quality filtration system. This increases the span between coolant replacement cycles, improves tool life, and protects the accuracy of parts.

Hennig creates CNC coolant filtration and recycling systems with a variety of pump features designed to maintain a constant supply of clean coolant. Matching the filtration system with the precise requirements of your application helps to lock in the performance you need.

cnc coolant filtration system


Chip Disc Filtration System
Chip Disc Filtration System
The patented Hennig CDF system uses a micronic weave disc for filtering coolant. For the notoriously difficult cast iron applications, the addition of a solid rotating magnetic drum can be applied for efficient removal of floating fines and sludge.
PureFlow Self-Cleaning Filtration System
PureFlow Self-Cleaning Filtration System
Self-cleaning filtration beyond the standard hinge belt system. Designed for water- or oil-based CNC coolants, PureFlow equips machines requiring medium continuous filtration at 500 or 250 microns. It easily works with OEM-supplied coolant tanks.
Custom Coolant Filtration Accessories
Custom Coolant Filtration Accessories
Our custom filtration systems are designed to deliver continuous optimum performance by incorporating replaceable cartridge or bag filter elements and filters. Each filtration system is configured precisely to meet the unique requirements of every application.


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frequently asked questions

CNC coolant is contaminated by processing residues such as chips, dust, etc. and shortens the life of pumps and valves within coolant systems. In order to filter coolant from these impurities, filtration systems are used for coolant processing. This also improves your tool life and the quality of the parts being produced.

Various methods are available for cleaning coolants, including cartridge filtration, bag filters, cyclonic filters, paper filtration belts, and magnetic filtration. Learn more about coolant filtration here.

Coolants can be water-based, synthetic, or oil-based. Coolant is used in industrial production with CNC machine tools. They cool and lubricate the workpiece to be machined and thus enable economical operation.

In the CDF (Chip-Disc Filtration) process, the contaminated coolant passes through a stainless-steel medium that removes the particles and allows only the clean coolant to pass through. This can filter down to 25-30 microns of nominal filtration. The use of the above-mentioned products can filter down through spindle-type work.

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