Custom Conveyors & Conveyor Networks for CNC Machine Tools

Any of our conveyor systems can be custom engineered to suit your needs exactly.  Every chip management system we deliver comes equipped with our standard features, and any other options you need to get the job done.  We've seen it all and know how to help you manage any chip load and chip type.

Conveyor networks

For high-volume manufacturers, Hennig’s integrated conveyor networks can automate the removal of chips on one or all of the machine tools in the shop. This systems allows the user to spend more time manufacturing and less time sweeping and moving chips.

Conveyor Overview

  • Overload/jam protection
  • Varibale speed drive
    • 0.8 m/min - 3.3 m/min
  • Paint
    • textured blue, white, grey, black (standard)
    • custom colors as required
  • Incline angle
    • 60° / 45° (standard)
    • custom angles as required
  • Low profile design

Custom conveyors are built to your requirements.  Any options your application requires, we design and build specifically for you.

  • Suction canal
    • allows the system to evacuate dust and gas during dry machining
  • Controls
    • Standard VFD or push-button control box
  • Overhead torque limiter
  • Custom coolant tanks & filtration
    • integrated or auxiliary
  • Custom chutes
  • Heavy-duty hardened rails and curves
  • Air knife (for removing sticky chips from belt at the discharge end)
  • Wear resistant bottom frame
  • On-site installation
  • Casters
  • Chip Shredder
  • Swarfs Centrifuge
  • Swiveling Chutes
    • manual or automated
  • Chips Compactor
  • Vibrating Table
  • Machines with suction devices for fumes mist and dust
  • Air tight space from machine to discharged tunnel
  • We can accommodate most applications. You let us know what you need, we'll design and manufacture it.

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