Scraper Belt Chip Conveyor

An ideal solution for fine chips and swarf, the scraper belt moves in reverse, collecting and dragging chips up the incline to the discharge end. Standard scraper paddles can be customized with brushes or wipers to suit the application. These conveyors are perfect for aluminum, brass, and cast iron.

Watch the scraper belt chip conveyor overview video here.


  • Overload/jam protection
  • Low-profile design
  • Standard angle or custom paddles
  • Brushes/wipers
  • Integrated coolant tank/coolant filtration
  • Wearing plate with hard manganese steel (rails and curves/bottom frame)
  • Incline Angle | 60º / 45º (standard); Custom angles as required
  • Chip Types
    • Aluminum/brass/steel/cast iron
    • Fines/swarf/small/broken chips
    • Light or heavy chip loads
  • Variable Speed Drive | 0.8 m/min - 3.3 m/min
  • Paint | Textured blue, white gray, black (standard); Custom colors as required

Limitations of the scraper belt conveyors include:

  • Not ideal for bushy/stringy/mixed chips
  • Inlet height must be 120 mm or more
aluminum cnc chip conveyor