Machine Protection

Different machines and environments have varying protection requirements. We have options to cover your assets, no matter what you need.

Use the guide below to find out what cover solution is best for you.

  • Telescopic Steel Covers
    • Generally used for protecting machine ways
    • Options for applications with X, Y and Z travel
    • Protection of ball screws
    • Heavy Duty steel box construction
    • Repairable
  • Bellows
    • Generally used for protecting machine ways
    • Round versions are typically used for protecting ball screws
    • Available in many shapes
    • Steel cladding available for harsh environments
    • High extension: compression ratio
  • Aprons & Roll-Ups
    • For use on general chip guarding applications
    • For all chip types and loads
    • Available in flexible linked extruded aluminum links, stainless steel, and fabric
    • Roll-Up types available
    • Repairable
  • Modular Face Shield
    • Generally used for machine walls with moving spindles
    • Can be made for X travel, Y travel, X Y travel, or X Y Z travel
    • Protects your machine without hindering your production speed
  • Machine Enclosures
    • Protects the machine from the environment
    • Protects the workers from dangerous machine operations
    • Available with doors for easy access to the machine tool

Download the Machine Downtime calculator to see how much a down machine is costing you. This tool also lets you compare quotes, helping you choose the best company to assist with your repairs.

Download Machine Downtime Calculator

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