Molded Rubber Bellows

Water, Oil, Chemical, and Temperature resistant rubber bellows

Our molded rubber bellows can be made without the mold cost, making them an economical solution for lower quantities. With a variety of materials, shapes, and mounting configurations, our molded rubber bellows can be custom-tailored to suit your application without the high cost of creating the mold.


  1. Lead screw protection
  2. Precision shaft protection
  3. Moving cylinder protection
  4. Irregular shaped parts protection
Molded Rubber Bellows

Technical Data

Type Of MaterialThermal Properties Min MaxHardness Range Shore AMaterial Resistance To
NBR-30°C - +110°C40 - 75Gasoline, Mineral Oil
FPM-20°C - +200°C40 - 75Gasoline, Mineral Oil, Acids, Lyes, Water, Weathering and Ozone, Air Impermiability
CR-35°C - +100°C40 - 75Weathering and Ozone
EPDM-50°C - +130°C40 - 75Acids, Lyes, Water, Weathering and Ozone
VMQ-65°C - +200°C40 - 75Weathering and Ozone, Steam