Molded Rubber Bellows for CNC Machine Tools

Water, Oil, Chemical, and Temperature resistant rubber bellows

Used to protect: Lead screws / precision shafts / moving cylinders / irregular shaped parts

Our molded rubber bellows can be made without the mold cost, making them an economical solution for lower quantities. With a variety of materials, shapes, and mounting configurations, our molded rubber bellows can be custom-tailored to suit your application without the high cost of creating the mold.

No. Type of Material Thermal Properties °C
min - max
Hardness Range
Shore A
Material Resistance to
01 NBR -30°C - +110°C 40 - 75 Gasoline, Mineral Oil
02 FPM -20°C - +200°C 40 - 75 Gasoline, Mineral Oil, Acids, Lyes, Water, Weathering and Ozone, Air Impermiability
03 CR -35°C - +100°C 40 - 75 Weathering and Ozone
04 EPDM -50°C - +130°C 40 - 75 Acids, Lyes, Water, Weathering and Ozone
05 VMQ -65°C - +200°C 40 - 75 Weathering and Ozone, Steam

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