5 Must-Haves in Cable Carriers for Steel Mill Applications

Steel mills are some of the most challenging environments in manufacturing. The heat is intense and always there, and the prevalence of steam, water, equipment vibration, dust, and other pollutants make it tough for humans and production equipment alike.

But unlike humans, cable carriers don’t have the option to leave the production floor to take a break when things get tough. That’s why Hennig builds cable carriers that are specifically suitable for use in steel mill applications. You’re going to want the following:

  1. Cable Carriers Made to Take the Heat | Steel or stainless steel cable carriers will hold up in high heat environments, even for extended periods. Long-term temperature limits are between -20ºC and 600ºC (-4°F and 1112°F) with Steel. For stainless, the limits are -40ºC and 600ºC (-40°F and 1112°F).
  1. Cable Carriers That Go the Distance | Steel mills can be enormous, and cable carriers may need to span longer lengths. At normal arrangement, the maximum travel is double the free carrying length, and support rollers or similar constructive steps can increase this value.
  1. Cable Carriers That Handle the Load | Depending on the required bearable load (the weight of the cables and hoses stored) and the cable carrier size, the free carrying length will vary. We offer a huge range of customizable sizes and configurations that can carry your necessary loads across great distances.
  1. Cable Carriers Build for Your Application | There’s a lot involved in choosing the right cable carrier, and picking the correct options can be daunting. The Hennig engineering team will help you select the best materials, dimensions, and options to make sure that you get the right cable carrier for your unique steel mill needs. And after the order is placed, your new cable carriers will be built from start to finish in our Rockford, Illinois manufacturing facility.
  1. A Partner That Has Your Back | At Hennig, we’re in business to Protect Your Success, and cable carriers aren’t the only product we build for steel mills. Our walk-on pit covers deliver increased worker safety without compromising accessibility. OSHA-compliant and able to cover larger areas, our safety pit covers prevent accidents and provide peace of mind.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing cable carriers or add new equipment to your facility, your steel mill has a knowledgeable and integrity-fueled partner in Hennig. Talk to our cable carrier experts today.