Advancing Pit Safety Across Industries: Del Zotto Products of Texas, Inc

In recent years, the EPA and OSHA have been tightening safety laws and regulations for a vast variety of industries. As a result, many companies frequently re-evaluate and improve their processes in order to keep employees safe. This often includes replacing old safety equipment or creating custom-designed solutions to fit very specific requirements. 

Del Zotto Products of Texas, Inc of Gladewater, TX, whose business is precast forms and equipment, approached Hennig upon learning from the company’s website about our expertise in building pit cover systems.  Del Zotto was concerned about employee safety around the open pit where their pipe casting equipment is located. The 11.5’ drop had never been covered and had no barrier or fence around it to protect workers from falling in. This serious hazard caused the company to seek a reliable pit safety solution from Hennig which both covered the pit and could withstand the weight of workers walking on it.

Brock Shattuck, Business Development Manager, and Horst Schedler, Director of Research and Development, undertook the project. They visited the facility in Gladewater and performed the initial measurement of the pit. The opening was 13’ long by 11.5’ wide.  Schedler drafted a concept consisting of a walk-on retractable 11’ wide by 13’ steel apron and a canister for the cover to retract to.

Hennig’s [Machesney Park, IL] facility quickly manufactured the cover and dispatched it to Texas. Shattuck and Schedler travelled to the customer’s facility to assist with installation and ensure that the cover was easy to operate and maintain, met the customers specifications, and complied with OSHA standards.



“Del Zotto mentioned numerous times that they were very appreciative of Hennig expertly solving their pit safety problem,” said Shattuck.  He followed up with the customer in person several months later to get an update on the continued successful operation of the walk-on pit cover.  The pipe plant now is safety compliant and ensures employees are safe from falls and injury as a result of the unprotected pit. 

"Hennig helped eliminate the customer’s safety issue and once again fulfilled the mission of making our customers more successful by outfitting them with the products designed for their specific need.”, Schedler added.


Del Zotto with a newly installed safety pit cover.

Del Zotto 13'x11.5' unprotected pit before the Hennig pit cover was installed.