Hennig and Engineered Components Group Team Up for Crane & Hoist Cable Carriers Offering

For the crane and hoist industry, it can be difficult to quickly find all the critical components you need for cable carriers from a single source. A new partnership between Hennig and Engineered Components Group aims to change that.  

The two companies have combined their 80 years of history to give the crane and hoist segment a one-stop shop for all their cable carrier needs. At present, buying tracks, cables, guides, and troughs is done with multiple transactions, often through multiple vendors. But with our new modular carrier system pre-engineered kits, all those components can now be purchased in one place. 

Standard Sizes for Common Applications  

For overhead single girder and double girder crane applications, we are offering complete kits that include Hennig’s light-duty, plastic cable carriers, guide troughs (center mounted or end mounted), and cables. These cable carriers deliver improved worker safety, increased visual appeal, and reduced cable stress. 

For custom crane applications, our more heavy-duty plastic carrier system uses a modular construction that allows quick and easy modification for custom designs from stock, without tooling charges or delays. With a robust design, fast stay assembly and disassembly, high rigidity and wear resistance, easy shortening/lengthening capability, and integrated mounting holes, this system is a convenient, reliable, and long-lasting cable carrier choice for the crane and hoist industry. 

To simplify the ordering process, Hennig and Engineering Components Group have put together complete kits for these applications in the most common sizes. Simply define your mounting height and other critical dimensions, and everything you need to get up and running will be delivered from a single vendor. 



This Partnership’s Key Objective: Efficiency 

It’s a tedious process to order cable carrier components yourself. On top of juggling multiple transactions and vendors, sometimes it’s hard to figure out exactly what you need.  

But thanks to our cable carrier systems for your custom crane applications, you have access to industry professionals who are experts with information to share. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have your questions answered and know the specific sizes we have in stock.  

Visit hennigworldwide.com/cable-carriers/ to learn more and submit an inquiry for your next cable carrier. 


About Hennig Worldwide 

Since 1950, Hennig has been a leading provider of products that help businesses stay safe and efficient. With a full commitment to manufacturing excellence and doing right by our customers, our specialties in chip management, machine protection, and facility safety have built a strong worldwide reputation. 


About Engineered Components Group 

After 30 years of experience with crane and hoist electrification, Engineered Components has firmly established itself as a go-to one-stop resource for motion control needs. The group’s impressive knowledge of the industry allows them to quickly provide customers with creative solutions.