Hennig’s CDF System the Perfect Solution for Big Construction/Agriculture Customer

What happens when the current conveyor system on several Mazak HCN 6800 and HNC8800 machines at one of the big three U.S. construction and agriculture companies starts to fail? For this particular Hennig customer, help was just a phone call away.

Recently, we received a call from one of the top U.S. construction and agriculture companies located in Indiana. This customer is already one of Hennig’s largest repair customers, with frequent in-house and off-site repairs. Hennig also supplies their new way covers, bellows, and aprons. 

The client explained that they had been using their Mayfran Concept 2000II systems for a good period of time but as the systems started to fail, the drum clogged and the bottom of the frame was wearing out. It had become very costly and time-consuming to fix. 

Earlier last year Scott Cooley, Hennig’s Business Development Leader for Chip Conveyors/Filtration Systems, conducted an onsite visit with the client, to present information about Hennig’s Chip Disc Filtration system (CDF), and left a good lasting impression. When their recent challenge arose, Hennig came to mind as a source to help guide this client toward a solution.

Cooley conferred with Don Kahler, Hennig’s Business Unit Manager, and Nit Chanthalangsy, Hennig’s Lead Engineer Conveyors/Filtration Systems, to compose a workable and cost-effective plan. Bihn Le, Hennig’s Conveyor Systems Engineer, traveled with Cooley to do an onsite total measurement on the current systems and assess how to handle the electrical aspects of the project. 

The client was enthusiastic about the ease of maintenance on the CDF system. It was also determined that the solution could include the cost-saving measure of using their existing coolant tank, which helped make the decision even easier. Without a workable solution from the team at Hennig, this client would likely have had to purchase new equipment. However, acquiring the CDF system and adding features to their current requirements gave the client confidence they’ve made a choice that will last longer.

So, was the customer satisfied? Cooley recently received another call from this client, only this time they were wondering why he hadn’t been out to see the units working so well. The results were so great they wanted Hennig to see the solution in action. 

Of course, Cooley and his team couldn’t resist!