Hennig QR Code Brings Aid Right to Employees’ Fingertips

Raise your hand if you have ever needed access to a resource while in the middle of production? Keep your hand up if you know exactly where to find those resources at a moment’s notice. I’m willing to bet that some of you couldn’t keep your hands up and that’s okay! One more question, did you know that Hennig has QR codes that are located on each of their machines? 

Since their creation, barcodes became very popular due to the speed at which they could be scanned, the accuracy they provide, and their multiple functionalities. With the increased popularity and proper recognition of the convenience associated with barcodes, demand for barcodes that could store more information had more variation and would take up a smaller printing area continuously grew. Thus, many efforts were made to improve barcode technology and how much information they could store.

The efforts did not go in vain. The Hennig Qr codes will contain 30 articles, 3 product category brochures, 17 PDF Quote Request forms, and 26 videos within the resource section. The Qr codes give you direct access to resources that normally would be found in various parts of workspaces. Hennig has allowed full access to resources and information such as:

  1. Requesting spare parts
  2. Download maintenance manual
  3. Watch Tutorial videos
  4. Contacting information

Hennig is passionate about supporting its largest customer, employees. With companies grasping for air during continuous storms of opposition, it is more imperative than ever for us to build up together; That means supporting team members. Hennig is consistently striving and achieving at making their customers successful. These QR codes continue their legacy of excellence and dedication to customers’ success down the line down to the very final product.