Hennig Service Crushes the Industry Standard

Hennig’s mission is to support the global needs of machine tool customers. We provide the highest quality products and peak service experiences, and that includes the shortest lead times possible.

Manufacturers don’t have time for downtime, and neither do we. While many dealers are experiencing lead times up to four weeks out for Doosan conveyors, Hennig boasts a standard of only six working days after receipt of order. No one can afford to go a full month without their new conveyor, and that’s why we have nearly 100 qualified designs prepped and ready for assembly.

Hennig is ready to supply the exact product our clients need in a quarter of the time it takes our competitors.

Our long-standing partnership with Doosan means that our conveyor systems are not only quickly delivered to your shop, but are field-tested and extremely reliable as well. Hennig’s chip conveyor systems set the standard for removing chips and debris from machine coolant, improving the life of precision machines and accuracy of output. These solutions are supported worldwide with Hennig’s global sales and service infrastructure, which includes manufacturing facilities and partnerships around the globe.

Hennig believes in doing right by our customers, through a timely supply of high-quality products. We don’t follow the industry standard, we set it.