How To Tell If Your Telescopic Steel Way Cover Needs A Repair Soon

Downtime is a good thing at home or on vacation, but a brutal thing in machining and manufacturing. For that reason, one of Hennig’s specialties is the fast service and repair of damaged telescopic steel way covers.


In this quick blog article, we’ll cover (yes, pun intended) typical signs that you might need a repair sooner rather than later.


But before we do, here’s a reminder that’s important enough to give the boldface type treatment to: Hennig repairs ANY telescopic steel way cover, regardless of who originally made it.


We’ve repaired a whole lot of our own telescopic covers, as well as covers fitted by OEMs like Mazak, Okuma, DN Solutions, Matsuura, FANUC, and many more. So keep that in mind for the next time you need your telescopic steel cover repaired.


Onto the warning signs. Our team identified seven points that mean your telescopic cover is on the road to failure and needs swift intervention. Contact the Hennig service team if your covers show any of the following signs.

How to Tell If Your Way Cover Needs a Repair - Things that shouldn't be there

1. You notice some things that really should not be there.

This can include streaks that are forming, chips collecting under the sealing lip, or wipers becoming porous. These all indicate that it’s time to change the scrapers.


Reminder: wipers should be inspected at least weekly and replaced if necessary.

How to Tell If Your Way Cover Needs a Repair - Squeaky Cover

2. The cover squeaks when processing parts.

This is a sign that the glide and roller elements need to be examined.

3. When moving, the cover shakes or vibrates.

An indicator that it’s time to have the geometry checked.

4. A no-brainer: a tool or workpiece was dropped on the cover.

This is a painfully obvious reason to talk to Hennig about a repair. We have indeed made repairs, but it’s also possible that it’ll be more time- and cost-effective to simply offer a new box element instead.

5. Your positively-guided telescopic cover is moving unevenly.

This means part of the guide elements could be defective.

6. You’re hearing loud impact noises when the cover is closed or pulled out.

Defective damping elements in the cover is likely the culprit here.

7. The surface is rusty.

This is more than an eyesore; it has a negative impact on the service life of the wipers and sealing elements.

Remember it for when the time comes! Hennig repairs ALL telescopic steel way covers.

We’re here to make sure unexpected downtime is corrected as quickly as possible. If you need a service and repair quote, you can hit us up anytime