Keep It Contained with Large Machine Enclosures

In CNC machining, there’s a lot of nasty stuff that comes with making good parts. The largest machines on the planet, including double column machining centers, don’t often arrive with enclosures wrapped around them. This means chips, dust, particles, and debris have free reign to fly anywhere they wish. That’s a recipe for a messier facility and a workforce that has to keep its head on a swivel, which is why Hennig has made a name for itself in large machine enclosures. Additionally, if your application requires you to come in from above to grab parts with cranes or other equipment, our retractable roof bellow covers make the task a simple one.


Our double column machine tool enclosures and machine roof bellow covers (essentially walls and a roof for your biggest chip-makers) instantly bring a wide range of lasting benefits.


That’s what we’re covering today. Remember, if you have a large machine that loves nothing more than making great parts and a great mess, talk to Hennig to restore some order.

Cleaner Environment, Safer Workers

This double whammy is probably the biggest perk when it comes to having a proper machine enclosure. Whether it’s chips, carbon fiber particles, dust or debris, the largest machines on the planet make a habit of sending material flying every which way. But all that mess is no match for Hennig enclosures and roof bellow covers.


Easy Access

When it’s time for inspection and repairs, getting it done with Hennig machine enclosures is as simple as opening the doors.

Appealing Aesthetics

An improvement in noise protection and sound insulation arrives once you have your enclosure in place, and the clean, contained look combined with the larger-than-life scale has a way of impressing visitors who take a tour of your shop floor.


One Stop

We have now arrived at a Hennig-exclusive perk. We do so much in the way of machine productivity and protection (chip conveying and filtration, enclosures, way covers, rollups, cable carries and more) that you might find it a whole lot easier to have one partner instead of several.


Customized For You

Here’s another differentiator Hennig often brings to the table. Our engineers work right alongside you to make sure your enclosure fits every requirement you have for your application. Things like ventilation, power inlets and conveyor openings are all designed for.


In a Nutshell:

Hennig is known across the machine tool industry, but simply put, if you require a sizable box that opens and closes whenever you need it to, we can build an enclosure for you. We’ll leave you with a couple videos that show you the innerworkings of our machine tool enclosures and roof bellow covers. When you’re ready to talk all about a custom-built enclosure of your own, talk to us.


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