Preventing Work Truck Damage with Roll-up Doors

If you’ve driven a utility truck before, you know how difficult using a hinged door can be.

You’ve probably prayed that passing cars and trucks don’t damage your open door. If a driver isn’t paying attention and cuts too close to it, that door may fly off the hinge and shatter their windshield with it.

Scary, right?

Firefighters and construction workers have figured out the solution already, but maybe your company hasn’t! Hinged doors can seem useful until you realize how restrictive and open to damage they are. That’s why so many industries, like fire protection and construction, have turned to roll-up doors instead. 

Haven’t looked into roll-up doors yet? Here are some of the top reasons to consider switching:

Safety and Security

Using a hinged door on your utility or construction truck can greatly increase the risk of damage to your vehicle. If you’re parked on a road, any passing car or truck has the ability to hit an open hinged door. Stopping on a busy street could mean an even greater likelihood of accidental harm. By contrast, roll-up doors are compact, able to be open and shut without exposing any material or swinging out into traffic. Doors like our Truck Protect series have a loaded roller that allows for even more compartment space. They can also feature a “bulb-style” bottom seal that is less susceptible to damage. You can rest easy knowing that an open door isn’t a waste of space, or worse, a dangerous risk.

Durability and Quality

Aluminum roll-up doors not only avoid dangerous situations but also can last longer. Slant interlocks and seal designs that promote no metal-to-metal contact have a much longer lifespan (and even offer a smoother movement!) than their competitors. Doors that offer stainless lift bars enjoy even more strength.

Customer Support

In the case of both hinged and roll-up doors, it can be difficult to find a manufacturer dedicated to long-term service and support. If you find a roll-up door expert, they can be your best option for maintenance and repairs as needed. For our Truck Protect series, our family-owned business with more than 65 years of experience with machine protection (including roll-up doors, enclosures, bellows, and more) offers customers a quick and responsive service team.

If you’re considering switching, those are the most important benefits to keep in mind! Many work or utility trucks can be dangerous to their operators and passing vehicles, but a roll-up door can be an easy and long-lasting solution. 

Have additional questions about roll-up products? Give our support team a call.