Rockford Chamber Panel Discussion: Manufacturing is a Great Career Path to Take

Hennig’s VP of Global Business Development, Noah Goellner participated in a panel discussion, held by the Rockford Chamber of Commerce at Giovanni’s on October 11th, 2018. The event was moderated by WTVO’s anchor Eric Wilson and was held in conjunction with the National Manufacturing Day.  A series of tours to the 13 local manufacturing companies were organized prior to this event, with approximately 400 students from twelve Rockford area schools participating.  Students later met for a panel discussion, which, along with Noah, also featured Tasha Mitchell-Wendorf, Project Manager at Ingersoll Cutting Tools, and Rebecca Whelan, Quality Inspector at the Rockford Toolcraft. The panel started off with the welcoming message from Rockford’s Mayor Tom McNamara. He mentioned that the city and its manufacturers were passionate about helping younger generation succeed. He also added that manufacturing is certainly a great career path to explore.

The main purpose of this event was to get students excited about modern manufacturing, expose them to the industry and put them in front of different manufacturing companies for career opportunities, answering questions and helping them to figure out what type of career they might fit. Each of three guests-panelists shared their personal story of how they got interested in manufacturing and turned it into a successful career.

The panel was asked about their daily jobs and what recruitment methods do companies use when looking for a new talent.  They also were asked what advise they can give to young graduates, looking for a career in today’s manufacturing and how did the industry change compared to 10 years ago.

Noah Goellner talked about Hennig successful apprenticeship program and how it helps the company to prepare people for the jobs that are right for them.  “Be proactive up front and tie your schooling with that you are working on”, Noah added.