Selecting the Right Conveyor for your Chip Type

Achieve optimum operating performance by selecting the right type of conveyor or conveyor system for your type of chip/application. Start by defining your application and related requirements. Based on your chip/machine type, volume, performance requirements and work area factors, you can make the right decision about which conveyor will best handle your company’s needs.

Systems built on your requirements are custom engineered by Hennig to manage any chip type and material. Chip conveyors and/or chip filtration systems are designed to fit your specifications.




Ribbon Long Chip Conveyor


Ribbon Short Chip Conveyor


Ribbon Snarled Chip Conveyor




Tubular Long Chip Conveyor


Tubular Short Chip Conveyor


Tubular Snarled Chip Conveyor




Spiral Flat Chip Conveyor


Spiral Conical Chip Conveyor

Washer-Type Helical


Helical Long Chip Conveyor


Helical Long Chip Conveyor


Helical Snarled Chip Conveyor


Concical Helical


Conical Helical Long Chip Conveyor


Conical Helical Short Chip Conveyor


Conical Helical Chip Conveyor




Arc Connected Chip Conveyor


Arc Loose Chip Conveyor


Elemental Chip Conveyor


Needle Chip Conveyor


Fines Chip Conveyor

Swarf, Sludge

Swarf Sludge Chip Conveyor

Small Parts, Scrap

Scrap Chip Conveyor



Chip Type




Hinge CDF

Scraper CDF


Push-Pull Bar


Ribbon | Long







Ribbon | Short                
Ribbon | Snarled      






Tubular | Long      






Tubular | Short                
Tubular | Snarled                
Spiral | Flat                
Spiral | Conical                
Washer Type Helical | Long                
Washer Type Helical | Short                
Washer Type Helical | Snarled                
Conical Helical | Long                
Conical Helical | Short                
Conical Helical | Snarled                
Arc | Connected                
Arc | Loose                
Small Parts/Scrap                


Conveyor Types

When you work with Hennig to select your application, consider these conveyor types:

Hinge (link, chain)

This proven conveyor solution is suitable for a variety of materials, chip types and chip loads. The most common conveyor type, hinge belts can be modified to handle troublesome waste such as tough scrap and heavy parts. Belt design options include plain, perforated, dimpled and combo. Standard belt pitches include 1.5” (38.1 mm) and 2.5” (63.0 mm), pitch. Added options: a coolant tank, heavy metal impact plates, top hat cover for large chip volumes and various cleat configurations. Hennig’s standard VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) offers customers the ability to regulate speeds for their application to help with chip load capacity and coolant carry-out. The VFD also offers M-code controls to operate the chip conveyor through the machine.

Scraper (drag, flight)

An ideal solution for fine chips and swarf, the scraper belt scrapes as it collects and drags chips up the incline to the discharge end. Standard scraper paddles can be customized with wipers. Options include a coolant tank, a chip basket and VFD controls. Additional options include wear-resistant construction with hardened rails and curves/bottom frame.


The magnetic conveyor is intended for ferrous material applications which produce small chips and fines.

Auger (screw)

The auger system is ideal for limited space applications. It can be installed in the machine tool or directly into the foundation.

Mobile (auger-assisting, portable)

The mobile conveyor provides machine tool operators an ergonomic way to lift chips into full-size barrel or hopper-high receptacles. It decreases machine clean-out tasks and eliminates related back fatigue. The portable conveyor can be used for periodic clean-out of multiple machines or dedicated to any machine generating high volumes of chips. Position it under the chip chute of any auger chip flume, plug it in and turn it on. Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) control is standard. A standard adjustable chip chute allows orientation of the chip hopper directly toward the tall section of the conveyor, to the right or to the left. Make these adjustments by unscrewing the four bolts holding the hopper in place, removing it, rotating it to the desired position and bolting it back in place.

Push-pull Bar (ram, bar)

Used to transport all types of swarf in large quantities, the push-pull bar system can be installed under or above the floor to suit your application. A prefiltration grid for coolant discharge and wearing plate with hardened bottom frame are options.

Custom and Turnkey Systems

Unique work environments. Specialized machine configurations. Varying chip volumes. These are just a few of the special requirements that indicate the need for a custom chip conveyor solution. Hennig engineers can create modified or special solutions to meet the needs of virtually any application, for example dust and gas removal during dry machining or part and scrap removal. If your conveyor system requires integration in the machine controls or automation beyond our standard control system, Hennig can build a tailored solution that does the job. If you are looking to further process your chips for shredding or recycling, we can integrate any of the technology required.

Conveyor Networks

Fully automate the waste removal in your facility with integrated coolant tanks and conveyor networks. For high-volume manufacturers, Hennig integrated systems can automate the removal of chips on one or all of the machine tools in the shop. The system allows the user to spend more time manufacturing and less time sweeping and moving chips.

Chip Disc Filtration (CDF)

Hennig’s unique, patented Chip Disc Filtration (CDF) technology enables high filtration levels, as low as 25-30 microns of nominal filtration, without the installation of two separate belts. Used with a hinge or scraper belt, this design provides a direct coolant flow path into the coolant reservoir. It can filter a wide variety of materials and chip types, both in water and oil-based coolant. The conveyor system can incorporate either a hinged or scraper belt conveyor with the disc filter. Standard features include the coolant tank, low-pressure pumps, high-pressure pumps and float switches. When through-the tool coolant is required, Hennig offers cyclonic, bag filter or cartridge filter in order to filter the required 5-10 microns of the needed filtration. Options include chillers, oil skimmers, all electrical requirements and single or multiple discs, based on coolant flow requirements. Filter diameter ranges from 10” to 12” and 16”.

Coolant Tanks

Hennig can custom engineer integrated or auxiliary coolant tanks. Hennig’s heavy-gauge steel tanks provide leak-free service in harsh shop environments. Removable cover plates allow easy access to the tank’s interior, for rapid, easy maintenance. Liquid level sight gauges are standard. Baffles, chip baskets and removable screens can be added. Options include a bag, cartridge or cyclonic filters, float switches, oil skimmers, coolant pumps  and integrated controls.

Conveyor Service and Spare Parts

Reliable service and consistent parts availability are key factors in your conveyor/conveyor system selection process. When your conveyor needs service or repair, Hennig has parts to get your system up and running. We also have skilled personnel to repair and replace damaged parts.

Hennig has several service centers in North America, providing dependable assistance when worn belts or parts require replacement/repair. We also offer optional new system installation.

Thanks to our global capabilities, aftermarket service on Hennig conveyors or partner companies’ conveyors is available worldwide. Our partner companies include Hennig France , formerly Sermeto; Enomoto in Japan; and Cobsen in Brazil.


Start Your Selection Process

Our job is to help you select the ideal conveyor designed to meet your specific requirements, and then to provide you superior systems and service that will support your competitive advantage. Hennig’s conveyors and filtration systems enable our customers to achieve desired operating efficiency, improving the life of precision machines and output accuracy. Discover how to gain these benefits, with less required maintenance than other conveyor providers.

Call on Hennig to create the best conveyor design for your application. Another good way to get started: Fill out our interactive Rapid RFQ form.



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Business Unit Manager - Conveyors