The Rundown on Hennig’s Integrated High Pressure Coolant System

integrated high pressure coolant system

Through-spindle coolant (TSC) systems hit the bullseye when it comes to reducing the friction between the tool and the workpiece during machining. The coolant exits the tip of the tool, putting it right at the cutting edge. But contaminants in the coolant can work against you, wearing down tools and ruining the surface finish of the part. That’s why Hennig developed an integrated high pressure coolant system for TSC.

The Big Benefit: It’s All in One

The phrase “integrated filtration system” is a crucial one. You may have thought you need a fully standalone unit, but that’s not the case. Hennig designed the integrated high pressure coolant system to eliminate the need for that standalone unit. It’s all packed in.

How It Works

The system operation begins in the coolant holding tank. A transfer pump sends the coolant through a cyclonic filter into a super-clean section of the tank. A high-pressure pump then sends the ultra-filtered coolant (10 microns nominal or less) to the machine through the spindle. The integrated high pressure coolant system can be added to all types of Hennig conveyors, including the standard, hinged, PureFlow, CDF and Lift Up models.

OEM Partnership

Most integrated high pressure coolant units go directly to OEMs for integration into their machine tools. According to Scott Cooley, Business Development Leader for Hennig, “Many OEMs get involved during the design process, so the purpose-built integrated high pressure coolant system is built right into their machine tool from the start.”

One System Does It

The integrated high pressure coolant system eliminates the need for a secondary filtering unit dedicated to the through-spindle coolant. “Using one filtration system for gross chips and through-spindle coolant saves money, produces superior results and reduces maintenance downtime,” Scott said.


If you are an OEM and want to offer your customers higher levels of production and precision, consider incorporating the integrated high pressure coolant system into your machine tool designs.

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