Top 7 Tips for Way Cover Maintenance

Telescopic steel covers provide durable protection of slideways and precision machine components from all types of chips and coolant. But way cover failure can result in machine damage and downtime. 

Having issues with your way cover? Here are our top seven maintenance checklist notes for way cover repair:

What are the visual signs that your cover is in need of service?

If you’re noticing streaks on the cover or chips collecting beneath the sealing lip, it may be time to change your wipers. Wipers that appear porous may also be an indication of excessive wear.


Luckily, wiper replacement is a quick solution that can be completed in-house. Learn how to do it yourself with this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-mGeCx27gQ

Does the cover make squeaking noises while moving?

Scraping or squeaking sounds may indicate an issue with the glider and roller elements. These are both located inside the cover and will need to be inspected. 

Does the way cover have external damage?

If a tool or workpiece has been dropped on the way cover, a new box element may be required.

Need a new box? We can expedite any parts that need to be manufactured. Reach out to our service team: https://www.hennigworldwide.com/service

When moving, does the cover jerk, vibrate or skew slightly?

If this irregular movement is occurring, the geometry may need to be checked. Misalignment of the sections may also indicate that the guide elements are defective.

Does your way cover take frequent damage? You may need a heavier-duty material for your cover.

Dealing with excessive chip build-up? A slanted cover could be the perfect solution for redirecting them.

Do you hear loud impact noises when moving the cover together?

Way cover noises may indicate defective damping elements. Contact an expert for an inspection: https://www.hennigworldwide.com/service

Is your cover enclosed?

Exposed covers or covers that operate in dry environments can become rusty on the surface. These covers need to be maintained regularly to avoid premature seal wear. Using an enclosure also visually looks better, providing a positive impression to any new or potential customers.

Is the cover maintained regularly?

Unplanned machine downtime often negatively affects production lead time. The best solution is conducting regular routine maintenance checks to avoid surprise problems.

Way cover issues can result in machine and production downtimes, contractual penalties, late unplanned deliveries, and even the loss of follow-up orders. It’s vital to stay on top of cover maintenance and preventative measures like way wiper replacement. If you run into any issues or need expert advice, contact the Hennig team for an inspection.