Work Truck Bed Covers: The Next Vital Upgrade for Your Fleet

If you have a work truck (or a fleet of them) and you’re looking to bolster reliability, convenience, and security, Hennig’s USA-made truck bed covers are a no-brainer.

Once the covers are installed, you and your trucks are protected with the tightest seal available and super smooth operation.

We’re getting into the nuts and bolts below, but if you’re ready right now to inquire further, feel free to text Brock Shattuck (Business Development Manager at Hennig) at 815-978-2057.

Fully featured work truck bed covers

Compare Hennig truck bed covers to others in the industry and you’ll find we offer more useful and practical features that help the crew on the road perform tasks more efficiently.

  1. Tightest seal: PVC/Hytrel with dual durometer for better wear
  2. Top rail bolt cover: None required! No more hard-to-install and unreliable components.
  3. UHMW track/radius: Lower friction with impressive abrasion resistance. Easy extension and retraction.
  4. Sill plate water dam: minimized chances of water damage
  5. Side bed rails: water gusset extensions designed into the full length of the rail. This guides water to the back of the truck and out of the bed.
  6. Added security: lock up your valuable tools quickly and easily.
  7. Covered on all sides: pair our bed covers with our roll-up doors to fully kit out your work trucks.
  8. 7-year warranty: longest and best in the industry

What are the specs and design of your truck bed covers?


What’s a typical turnaround time from inquiry to install?

After receiving an inquiry, we take a day or two to create an approval drawing. Once we send that drawing your way, the 4-week delivery timeline begins when we get the green light to start the work.

Can Hennig do truck bed covers for my entire fleet?

Yup, and we prefer it that way. There’s no limit to the amount of trucks we can put bed covers on. Any size fleet, we can handle. If it’s a huge fleet, we’ll agree on a delivery schedule to get the full job done as quickly as possible while adhering to our quality standards.

Do you come to us for the install?

Absolutely. We like to be there for the first couple installs to make sure the cover fits perfectly and everyone is satisfied. After they learn the ropes, customers are typically able to do future installs themselves. That said, we’re always available to help for as long as you need us.

Do you color match the truck bed covers?

Yes we do, both wet paint or powder coat. It’s all done in-house at Hennig.

How long does one truck bed cover install usually take you?

Probably anywhere from two to four hours. No more than half a day.

Anything I should know about repairs?

You have that 7-year warranty we mentioned earlier. Apart from that, the modular design comes in pretty handy if repairs are needed. Let’s say a couple slats are damaged. Well, you don’t have to replace the whole cover. We can simply remove the busted slats and replace them with new ones.

Cool, I think I’d like to find out more. How should I do that?

You can either text Brock at 815-978-2057, or contact Ashley Albright, Customer Success Specialist at Hennig. Both of them will get back to you pretty quickly.

Here’s Ashley’s info:
Email: ashley@hennig.ame.com
Phone: 815-316-5110
Street: 4920 Marlin Drive, Machesney Park, IL 61115