Portable Sludge Sucker - Mobile Coolant Filtration System

The Portable Sludge Sucker

The Mobile Cyclonic Coolant Filtration System

120V Power

Easy to Clean Out Sludge Pot

2-4 Days to Clean a System

There’s an Easier Way to Keep Your Coolant Clean

Some manufacturers have chip management systems that require filtration, however, their conveyor systems aren’t able to complete this task with their current setup.  Hennig designed and manufactured a mobile filtration system that allows the customer to properly filter and maintain their coolant without having to purchase or install an entirely new system.

Your coolant traditionally needs to be changed every 6-8 weeks, taking your machine down for the day. The mobile filtration system allows you to wait 3-6 months before having to clean out your coolant, keeping your team focused on making chips instead of finding ways to get them out of your coolant.

Reduce your downtime

Instead of having your machines down every 6-8 weeks for an extensive cleaning, you’re able to run the mobile sludge sucker across the shop, extending your coolant usage for 3-6 months.

Mobile Capabilities to move from machine to machine

With the Portable Sludge Sucker, you’re able to clean out your coolant within 2-4 days of running. You can easily move it from machine to machine.

Avoid backups due to extensive cleaning

When your machine goes down, you’re not making chips. When you’re not making chips, you’re not making money. The Portable Sludge Suckers allows you to keep your machines running, avoiding backups due to clogged pumps and overflowing coolant pans.

How it Works

While typical filtration systems are tied to your machine, the Portable Sludge Sucker allows you to move your filtration system from machine to machine across your shop.

Low Pressure, Low Flow Pump
Using a low pressure low flow pump, the Portable Sludge Sucker flows your dirty coolant into the system. The screen at the inlet hose ensures larger chips aren’t able to migrate into the system. The magnet on the inlet hose allows you to position the device to position in multiple locations of the dirty tank easily.

The Cyclonic Filtration System
The 4-10 microns filtration with the cyclonic filtration system removes excess chips and smaller particles. It’s equipped with a pressure gauge to ensure the system is running properly.

Clean Coolant
The clean coolant is flowed back into the machine. The exist/clean hose is located on the opposite side of the inlet to cycle coolant throughout the system.

Is It Right For My Shop?

We recommend the Portable Sludge Sucker for end-users, distributors, and OEMs looking for a longer span of machine service. Its minimal service can be used with multiple machines. If your system accumulates 500 micron or smaller particles with medium and high-level filtered conveyor systems, the Portable Sludge Sucker is the perfect way to keep your machines clean.

Hennig is a Leader in Coolant Filtration

Our worldwide network leads the industry in developing innovative coolant filtration systems technologies, offering a complete range of filtration solutions tailored to particular machine types, performance requirements, and work area considerations. Our coolant filtration systems outperform expectations, even in the most demanding production environments, and they do it more efficiently and with less maintenance than other filteration solutions.

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