SLE Steel Cable Carriers

Steel, stainless steel and hardened steel cable carriers

  • Stay distribution in many variants
  • Fast Stay assembly and disassembly
  • Easy to shorten and lengthen
  • Shroud to protect the pivot mechanics



  • Machine tools
  • Mills
  • Spacial machinery
  • Wood processing industry
  • Conveying and lifting equipment

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Load Diagram


Long term temperature limits are between -20°C and 600°C.
(for stainless the limits are -40°C and 600°C)

Travel Distance

The maximum range of travel is determined by the arrangement and the additional weight (line weight).  At normal arrangement the maximum travel is double the free carrying length. Support rollers or similar constructive steps can increase this value.

Travel distances up to 100 meters are possible.

Travel Speed

The standard and stainless steel designs are limited at 1 m/s.


There are no limits for the accelerations, in general. Limits may occur through the tensile stresses at high line weights.

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