Chip Conveyor Spare Parts

When your Hennig conveyor needs service or repair, we have parts in stock to get your conveyor up and running, and also the skilled personnel to repair or replace the damaged or worn parts. Conveyor belts, drive motors, and other parts can get damaged, worn, or just get old. Before investing in an entirely new system, check with us to see if your existing Hennig conveyor system can be repaired.

To order spare parts, use the form at the bottom of the page and provide us with the Hennig No., Serial No., and Customer No. found on your conveyor tag (typically found on either side of the discharge head), and the parts you need to replace from the list below.

Conveyor Parts

1.   Front Chain Guard
2.   Torque Limiter Assembly
3.   Inside Chain Guard
4.   Take-Up Bearing
5.   Belt Sprocket
6.   LH Inner Guard
7.   RH Inner Guard
8.   Torque Limiter Key / Direct Drive Key
9.   Belt Sprocket Key
10. Drive Shaft
11. Bearing Cover

Conveyor Parts

12. Drive Chain
13. Flip Lid
14. Gear Motor Sprocket
15. Gear Motor
16. Adjustable Supports 
20. Idler Shaft Assembly (if provided originally)
22. Control Box (VFD)
21. Motor Bracket
23. Motor Cover
24. Caster Assembly (option)

Belt Assemblies & Kits

25. Hinge Belt (whole belt replacement)
17. Hinge Kit (standard)
18. Hinge Kit (with plain cleat)
19. Hinge Kit (with serrated cleat)
26. Scraper Belt (whole belt replacement)
27. Scraper Blade Kit
28. Poly Scraper Blade Kit

Complete the form below to request your spare parts.  If possible, please provide a picture of the identification tag (typically found on the side of the incline) or provide the Hennig and Serial #s for your system along with the parts you need.

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