Turnkey Chip Management Systems

For nearly any machine that makes a chip, we can design a conveyor that fits. We design coolant filtration and coolant recycling systems with any of the pump options or features required to maintain a clean coolant system. 

The Hennig Chip Disc Filtration System can reach nominal filtration down to 25 microns, but we have often integrated paper filters for extremely fine filtration in special applications. 

If your conveyor system requires integration in the machine controls or automation beyond our standard control system, we can build a tailor-made solution that does the job.

If you're looking to further process your chips for shredding or recycling, we can integrate any of the technology required.

We have a long history serving the machine tool industry, but we’ve made plenty of specialized conveyors that move finished parts, machined remnants, scrap materials, and other items beyond metal chips.

We'll help you integrate all of the technology and controls you need to take chips and coolant management to a higher standard.

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