CNC Machine Way Wipers

Way surfaces are subjected to a lot of debris on a daily basis that can cause issues, which is why keeping them clean is a vital part of protecting valuable CNC equipment. Hennig offers a diverse line of CNC machine way wipers, or scrapers, that have been field-tested and proven effective, even after extensive exposure to hot chips and heavy chip volumes.  

We offer multiple sizes and shapes in a wide range of materials that provide resistance to oils, greases, coolants and high temperatures. Choose from our stock designs, or work with Hennig engineers to develop a custom package that will provide a factory-perfect fit for optimum wiper performance.

Hennig Machine Way Wiper System


Molded Wipers

  • Over 20 standard designs for a variety of applications
  • NBR and Viton wiper lips with steel, aluminum, or no insert (depending on wiper type)
  • Custom molds and special materials available depending on your application
molded machine way wiper

Telescopic Steel Cover & Apron Cover Wipers

  • Polyurethane wiper lip with steel carrier
  • Designed with a low profile specifically for telescopic steel covers and apron covers
  • Replaceable wiper lips
telescopic stell cover

Aluminum Encased Wipers (AL)

  • Polyurethane 85 shore A wiper lip with aluminum carrier
  • Low weight
  • Low coefficient of friction

Reference the product catalog to learn more.

aluminum encased wiper

Steel Encased Wipers (AB)

  • Polyurethane wiper lip with stainless steel carrier
  • Sealing on backside to prevent coolant flow
  • High mechanical load capacity

Reference the product catalog to learn more.

steel encased wiper


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You need wiper systems to protect the surfaces of conveyor belts or guideways from the ingress of dirt, dust, chips, etc. This minimizes the cleaning effort for systems and increases their service life.

There are different types of scrapers, each suitable for different applications:

  • Molded scrapers
  • Wiper with aluminum support
  • Wiper with stainless steel support
  • Wiper rings

The optimal wiper for your application situation depends on various criteria such as the shape of the guideway, the operating conditions and the space available. You are welcome to send us sketches and drawings of your guideway and describe your application to us. We will then work with you to develop a suitable solution for your system.