High pressure coolant systems

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Elevate your machining processes with Hennig's high-pressure coolant systems, engineered to precisely deliver a powerful stream of coolant to the cutting area of your machining center, resulting in enhanced efficiency and surface finish. The versatility of our high pressure coolant systems accommodate both water- and oil-based coolants, and can maintain a wide range of pressure levels.

Targeted Chip Evacuation | Streamlined chip removal, ensuring a clean machining area

Improved Surface Finish | Smooth and more accurate surface finishes

Extended Tool Life | Improved lifespan of cutting tools, saving money on replacements and maintenance costs

Increased Throughput | Increase productivity with the ability to operate at higher cutting speeds and feeds

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hennig high pressure coolant systems

VariFlow High Pressure Coolant System
VariFlow High Pressure Coolant System
Variable flow, high pressure coolant system for most applications. 100 - 1,000 PSI, 8 GPM variable, compact HPC with a 25 gallon reservoir.
Economically priced medium-high pressure coolant system with a small footprint. 500 PSI manually adjustable, 8 GPM and extremely easy to install.
High pressure coolant system for oil applications such as Swiss-turn machines. 1,000 PSI, 8.5 GPM with multiple port options.
Variable flow, high pressure coolant system for demanding applications with large tooling or multiple spindles. 100-1,000 PSI, 16 GPM variable with a 60 gallon reservoir and dual bag filtration.
Portable, cyclonic filtration with size #2 bag filter to fit a wide range of coolant filtration needs. Great to remove debris from coolant reservoirs, extend the life of Wire EDM filters and general industrial coolant/machine maintenance.
Spray Wand
Spray Wand
The Hennig Spray Wand is an economical and simple-to-install solution to give your operators the tool they need to keep the machine enclosure free and clear of chips and debris.


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frequently asked questions

A high-pressure coolant system is a stand-alone pump system designed for CNC machines to deliver coolant at high pressures to the cutting tool or cutting zone. High pressure typically refers to pressures of 1,000 to 2,000 PSI.

High-pressure coolant improves machining performance by cooling the cutting tool more effectively, flushing away chips, reducing thermal deformation, and enabling higher cutting speeds and feeds, which leads to improved productivity and surface quality.

Materials that are difficult to machine, such as titanium, Inconel, stainless steel, and other superalloys, benefit significantly from high-pressure coolant due to the system's ability to reduce heat and remove chips effectively. In addition, softer materials, such as aluminum, also benefit from high-pressure coolant allows for faster machining speeds.

While many modern CNC machines are compatible with high-pressure coolant systems, older machines may require modifications or upgrades. It's important to consult the machine manufacturer, machine dealer or a Hennig High Pressure System specialist to ensure compatibility.

The main components typically include a feed pump, high-pressure pump, filters, coolant reservoir, hoses, nozzles, and a control unit. These parts work together to deliver the coolant under high pressure to the cutting tool.

The optimal pressure and flow rate depend on the material, tooling, and type of operation. Tooling manufacturers often provide recommendations, but generally, heavier cutting requires higher pressure and flow rate, whereas lighter finishing operations may require lower settings.

When discussing orifice size, the relationship between pressure and flow is as follows: reducing the orifice size increases the flow resistance, leading to a higher pressure drop across the orifice for the same flow rate. Conversely, increasing the orifice size decreases resistance, permitting a greater flow rate at a lower pressure.

Small orifice size = High pressure, Low flow

Large orifice size = Low pressure, High Flow

Safety precautions include wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), ensuring all connections are secure to prevent leaks, and regularly checking the system for any signs of wear or damage.

High-pressure coolant can significantly extend tool life by reducing the heat generated during cutting, improving chip removal, and reducing tool wear, especially in difficult-to-machine materials.

Regular maintenance includes checking and replacing filters, inspecting hoses and connections for leaks, monitoring the coolant level and quality, checking prime in the feeder pump and replacing oil in the high-pressure pump.

While high-pressure coolant systems can increase coolant usage, they often reduce the overall environmental impact by extending tool life and improving efficiency. Our Adaptive Pressure/Flow Control reduces electrical consumption by only running the high-pressure pump as fast as each tool/application requires. It is important to use eco-friendly coolants and adhere to proper coolant disposal and recycling practices.