Multi-Axis Face Shield Systems

Hennig XY Face Shields

Designed for fast travel and high dynamic loads, face shields are ideal for protection around the machine tool spindle. Our face shields are built to specs based on application, load, aesthetic value and cost.

These systems are completely assembled before delivery, and their modular design allows for individual components to be repaired without replacing the entire system.

  • Ideal for multi-axis slideway and CNC feedback device protection
  • Assembly-ready with all necessary parts
  • Assembly-friendly, using a compact building block design that allows replacement of individual components
  • Resistant to damage from high dynamic forces
  • Individually engineered to your specifications and space requirement
  • Configured to your specifications, combined with telescopic steel covers, aluminum aprons, lamella bellows, or flex protect covers


  • Mechanical guide system specially designed for aluminum aprons
  • The deflector or take-up system, depending on apron type (ALUFLEX or GS20) guides the apron in one or two directions.
  • The available space on or inside the machine determines the shape of the apron guide, whether redirection into an available space, or rolled-up spirally, elliptically in any position, including overhead
  • The nearly wear free guide system is capable of high speeds up to 100m/min. (3936 inch/min.) and acceleration up to 1g

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