Coolant Filtration for CNC Machine Tools

Custom Coolant Filtration Systems

Our custom filtration systems generally include replaceable cartridge or bag filter elements and a replaceable filters. Continuous optimum performance is assured by configuring each filtration system according to the precise requirements of each application.


An innovative alternative to conventional high pressure and reverse flow filters.  Cartridge filters remove ingressed contamination before it flows downstream to sensitive components. They block pump-generated debris before it gets to servo or proportional valves. There is no better high pressure filter available today for durability and performance.


Unfiltered liquid enters the housing above the bag and passes down through them. Solids are contained inside the bag, where they're easily and completely removed when the unit is serviced. Fluid bypass is prevented because the outside diameter of the filter bag seals radially against the housing inside diameter. A single cover gasket is used to seal the opening, and covers can be installed and removed without tools.


No waste.  No filtration media.  No maintenance.
A waste free coolant filtration system which achieves filtration through centrifugal force, eliminating the need for disposable paper or
cartridge filters.

  • ⃝Can remove 90% of 10μm sludge for water based coolant.
  • No bubbles or foam is produced.
  • ⃝Contaminants are concentrated in the sludge pot, and once removed they cannot return to the coolant tank.


Paper filtration systems are designed to cleanse different types of liquids (water, emulsions, aqueous solutions) of polluting solid particles. These filters are also used in markets others than those of machine tools (chemistry, food, painting, petrochemistry, glass, industrial washing machines).

Several models of filtration are possible with outputs from 30 to 400 L/mn for soluble oil and respectively from 15 to 200 L/mn for oil.

Chip Conveyor & Coolant Filtration Overview

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