Chip Disc Filtration Systems

The patented Hennig CDF system uses a micronic weave disc for filtering coolant. For the notoriously difficult cast iron applications, the addition of a solid rotating magnetic drum can be applied for efficient removal of floating fines and sludge.


  • Any application requiring coolant filtration


  • Disc filter (25 - 120 microns nominal)
  • Main flood coolant pumps
  • High pressure pump (300 - 100 psi) * Include Metric
  • Backwash CDF pump
  • Disc access panels / backwash manifold
  • Coolant tank
  • Control box


  • Hinge or Scraper belt
  • Single or multiple discs (depending on coolant flow)
  • Solid rotating magnetic drum (for cast iron sludge / swarf)

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