Magnetic Chip Conveyors

The magnetic chip conveyor plays a very specific role in chip management. Intended for ferrous material applications which produce small chips and fines, the sheet metal belt is stationary, and small ferrous chips are evacuated by powerful magnets rotating underneath the belt. Our closed system lubricates all internal parts automatically, resulting in no maintenance, no oil refills, and no manually lubricating bearings or bushings.


  • Closed Oil System | Never needs to be refilled or maintained
  • Heavy Duty Die Springs | Keeps infeed sprocket and tail shaft adjusted properly
  • Sunflower-based Oil
  • High Temperature Resistance | Up to 180ºF
  • Chip Type
    • Cast iron/steel/ferrous materials
    • Fines/small/broken chips
    • Small parts (screws, bolts, etc.)


  • Coolant Tanks
  • Part/Chip De-magnetizer
  • Dimpled Slider Bed | To prevent hydro-locking

Limitations of the magnetic belt conveyors include:

  • Not ideal for swarf or sludge
  • Cannot be used with non-ferrous material
  • Heavy chips, scraps, or parts can damage the sheet metal belt
magnetic cnc chip conveyor