Mobile Auger-Assisting Chip Conveyor

Mobile Chip Conveyor

The mobile conveyor offers a convenient solution for machine operators to lift chips into full-size barrel or hopper-high receptacles. It effectively reduces machine clean-out effort and eliminates fatigue-related strain. This portable conveyor is versatile, allowing for periodic clean-out of multiple machines or dedicated full-time use with high-volume chip-generating machines. Simply position the conveyor under the chip chute of any auger chip flume, adjust the chute orientation, plug it in, and turn it on. The conveyor's design ensures that coolant is carried out by the chips, eliminating the need for draining. Additionally, a variable speed drive (VFD) comes as a standard feature.

Conveyor Overview

  • Overload/jam protection
  • Varibale speed drive
    • 0.8 m/min - 3.3 m/min
  • Paint
    • textured blue, white, grey, black (standard)
    • custom colors as required
  • Incline angle
    • 60° / 45° (standard)
    • custom angles as required
  • Low profile design
  • Adjustable chip chute
    • position for front, side, or rear discharge to accommodate your space and machine design.
  • Used to save time emptying chips in machines with auger style chip conveyors with chip flumes; Allow for chips to be distributed into larger receptacles and emptied less often.
  • Can easily be moved from machine to machine based on your needs to automate chip removal as required by your production schedule.

Cannot be used on conveyors without an internal auger as the primary chip removal system.

Adjustable Chip Chute Orientation

The opening of the chip hopper may be oriented directly toward the tail section of the conveyor, to the right, or to the left, by unscrewing the four bolts holding the hopper in place, removing it, rotating it to the desired position and bolting it back in place.

A. Toward Tail Section

Toward Tail Section Chip Chute Orientation

B. With APCQ

With APCQ Chip Chute Orientation

C. To Left

To Left Chip Chute Orientation

D. To Right

To Right Chip Chute Orientation

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