If you’re a fan of space-saving design and satisfying ease of use, it might be time to consider swapping your utility truck’s hinged doors for Hennig’s roll-up doors. The ability to better maneuver in tight spaces is huge, and the extra security and protection they provide is icing on the cake.

Often, utility trucks have plenty of valuable gear inside. Hennig’s tough-as-nails anodized aluminum roll-up doors give you the protection you need—and they look good doing it. Expect instant upgrades to safety, security, appearance, and durability.

  • Safer than hinge doors, which can swing out into traffic 
  • Design and precise tolerances provide the tightest sealing door on the market 
  • Slat interlocks and seal designs that promote no metal-to-metal contact, creating a much longer lifespan 
  • Low profile seal with low friction surface provides a tight seal and easy opening and closing 
  • “Bulb-style” bottom seal that less susceptible to damage 
  • Cycle tested for longevity 
  • Modular aluminum profiles for quick and easy repairs 
  • New space-saving design option available without a spring loaded roller
utility truck roll up doors