Telescopic Springs for Ball & Lead Screws

Telescopic springs, also known as spring guards or spiral springs, ensure the protection of ball screws, threads and guide columns against dirt, swarf, and mechanical damage.

  • Stabilastic telescopic springs made of hardened high-grade spring steel ensure excellent protection against dirt, swarf and mechanical damage even when fully extended.  Available in stainless steel upon request.
  • Minimum overlap (of the individual windings) of 40%.
  • A special manufacturing method and optimal resilience ensure an easy compression and extension. Horizontal springs have a minimal sag and vertically used springs only a slight lateral deviation.



The minimum diameter of the take-up collar D3 must not be smaller than indicated. If the inside diameter of the take-up collar D3 is too small, or if the outside diameter of the centering flange D4 is too large, the spring will have a tendency to jam.

For horizontal applications, we recommend to install the Stabilastic springs with the large diameter nearest to the swarf accumulation area and for vertical applications, with the large diameter at the top. The maximum deflection in horizontal installations will be approx. 2 – 3% of the maximum mounting length.

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