Safety Pit Covers


Bridge the safety gap

...and bolster facility safety OSHA compliance with stable, low maintenance walk-on covers that move dynamically to allow access to the pit when you need it.

You can find them in most large manufacturing operations: big open chasms and deep pits built to hold heavy machinery or contain hazardous chemicals. The covering and securing of these huge hazards is vital for the safety of employees and the overall facility, but you don’t want to make your equipment hard to reach. 

For that reason, Hennig safety pit covers are the perfect solution. Because they are load-bearing and removable, you don’t have to sacrifice safety for accessibility. They’re the best of both worlds.

Regardless of the size of the area being protected, Hennig Safety Pit Covers easily endure constant use and (dependent on material) will support the weight of heavy chip loads and personnel.


chip conveyor for any cnc machine tool


Hennig walk on pit cover diagram
  1. Protective Canister | Protective canister housings can be provided to add protection to the roll-up covers gearing, spindle, and wound-up cover areas.
  2. Walk-On Material | We offer stainless steel and aluminum covers. Because we choose the material based on the environment it operates in, our walk-on covers are always optimized specifically for your application.
  3. Non-Slip Surface | A non-slip surface (anti-skid tape or paint) is added so that personnel may walk across the cover’s surface with greater safety than walking across slippery stainless steel or aluminum surface.
  4. Actuation | Our walk-on covers are actuated one of four ways: air motor (regulates tension on the cover), electric motor, high-tension spring, no motor/passive (actuated by existing component on the machine)

For additional features and options, call us to discuss solutions best suited for your applications.

additional options

  1. Drive Options | Spring, compressed air, or electric motor
  2. Material Options | Stainless Steel, AGS I, AGS II
  3. Mounting Options | Over Cover Surface, Below Cover Surface, Angle/Custom Mounting
  1. Assembly Options | Complete or partial assembly
  2. Design Options | Rigid and movable designs available
  3. Housing Options | Protection of drive, spindle, and winding area


Load capacity in kg per 1000 mm length

TypeSpan 500 mmSpan 1000 mmSpan 1500 mmSpan 2000 mmWeight (kg/m²)
AGS I195048821612230.4
AGS III325081537016831.1
Stainless Steel*****

*to be determined by application

Case size (approx.)

TypeExtract 1000 mmExtract 3000 mmExtract 5000 mmExtract 10000 mmExtract 20000 mm
AGS I400480540660850
AGS II5006006808501100
AGS III450510600740940
Stainless Steel*****

*to be determined by application


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Work with our facility safety experts to design and build custom pit covers with the best materials and features for your specific environment to  maintain a safe and OSHA-compliant solution for your shop. Listed below are some key choices to think about. Please contact us for your specific request.

What's Your Application?

  • Open pits
  • Chemical tanks (coating, degreasing, paint, etc)
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Auto maintenance shops
  • Logistics centers
  • Underground systems
  • Manufacturing production
  • Concrete foundations
  • Many more


Pick Your Cover Material

Stainless Steel with Aluminum Extrusions

    • Durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel sheets
    • Withstands high ambient temperatures
    • Completely resistant to penetration of contaminants
    • Walk-on versions available
    • Non-skid tape or paint

AGS (mini, I, II)

    • Anodized aluminum profiles and hinges
    • High strain resistance even in long lengths
    • Walk-on versions available (types I, II)
    • Non-skid tape


Choose Additional Safety Options

  • Light curtains
  • Optical perimeter fencing
  • Laser sensors
  • Pressure pad
  • Lockout/tagout controls
  • Guard rails
  • Leading edge sensors
  • Limit switches
  • Non-skid paint/tape



Ulliman Schutte

"This feature has really added value to the county. Their biggest concern was safety and its really helped with that, but its also made for a lot cleaner looking facility. So I think it is a big benefit that the county opted to go with this system, and Hennig performed."

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTvpD3J2zCs

Joshua Pavlus, Ulliman Schutte

Ulliman Schutte



The covering or securing of open pits is necessary for overall facility safety. The measures to protect against falls and falling objects include:

  1. Workplaces and traffic routes where there is a risk of employees falling or objects falling must be provided with protective devices that prevent employees from falling or being injured by falling objects. If protective devices against falls are not suitable due to the nature of the workplace or the work to be carried out, the employer must ensure the safety of the employees through other effective measures.
  2. There is a risk of falling from a height of more than 1 meter.

Depending on the requirements of your pit and the work area, the choice of material for your cover will vary. Our safety devices made of aluminum and stainless steel are stable and easy to care for, protect against damage and dirt, and are automated. Please contact us for your specific request.