Coolant Tanks for CNC Machine Tools

custom engineered. custom tailored.

Integrated or auxiliary tanks allow CNC coolant to be quickly cleaned and recycled during the machining process, resulting in fewer interruptions and less downtime. Our tanks are made from heavy gauge steel to provide leak-free service in harsh shop environments, and can support both water- and oil-based coolants.


  • Removable cover plates
  • Liquid level gauges
  • Baffles/chip baskets/screens
  • Cartridge and/or cyclonic filters
  • Float switches
  • Oil skimmers
  • Coolant Pumps | Custom g/min or psi requirements
  • Integrated electronic controls for pump/filter automation
cnc coolant tank

Custom Coolant Tank Examples

t-shaped auxiliary coolant tank

T-Shaped Auxiliary Coolant Tank

square-shaped auxiliary coolant tank

Square-Shaped Auxiliary Coolant Tank

l-shaped auxiliary coolant tank

L-Shaped Auxiliary Coolant Tank


Coolant is contaminated by processing residues such as chips, dust, etc. and shortens the life of pumps and valves within coolant systems. Coolant filtration is used to remove these impurities/contamination, and improve your tool life and the quality of the parts being produced. Additional advantages include: increased machining speed, reduced downtime, and decreased production costs. 

Various methods are available for cleaning coolants, including cartridge filtration, bag filters, cyclonic filters, paper filtration belts, and magnetic filtration. Learn more about coolant filtration here:https://hennigworldwide.com/coolant-filtration.

Coolants can be water-based, synthetic, or oil-based. Coolant is used in industrial production with CNC machine tools. They cool and lubricate the workpiece to be machined and thus enable economical operation.

In the CDF (Chip-Disc Filtration) process, the contaminated coolant passes through a stainless-steel medium that removes the particles and allows only the clean coolant to pass through. This can filter down to 25-30 microns of nominal filtration. The use of the above-mentioned products can filter down through spindle-type work.