Machine Roof Bellow Cover

A bellows system designed as a "ceiling" for your machining center. Use this system to protect your machine from dust and other light contaminants that a standard machine enclosure can't handle. Designed with double fold units for increased stroke, these bellows can be manufactured to your requirements. We plan the guidance of the bellows roofing according to your circumstances, either by using existing guide systems, or designing a new system that fits your specifications.


  1. Carbon fiber processing (aerospace)
  2. Protection against dust and particles
  3. Noise protection
  4. Sound insulation
  5. Environment protection
  6. Health protection



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technical details

  1. 2 ply, rigid polyester (PET) sheets with polyurethane (TPU) coating on both sides (1 mm thick)
  2. Temperatuure resistance -20°C (-4°F) to 100°C (212°F)
  3. Width up to 8000 mm
  4. Standard fold deptth 125 mm (up to 330 mm)
  5. Speed up to 90 m/min
  6. Acceleration up to 1g
  7. Transverse beams made of aluminum hollow profile
  1. White, translucent foold material provides an optimum brightness in the working area
  2. Motorized version for opening and closing
  3. Individual folding segments are replaceable
  4. Decoupling option for crane loading and unloading
  5. Material for special applications available upon request
  6. Implementattion can be completed with a pre-existing or new/customized slide way
  7. Slide way systems depending on requirements (rolleres, guides, slide ways)


Bluco Corporation

"We have a pretty clean shop and it really contains the mess to the machine, it keeps all of our chips and all of our coolant from flying out everywhere. It's been a real good fit."

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXCsLuI-BXs

Carrett Gordon, Bluco Corporation

Bluco Corporation


Roof bellows can be adapted to help a wide variety of applications, industries, and markets. Some of the most common areas we serve include:

CNC Machine Tools, Aerospace, Medical, 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, Backup Power Systems, Production Line Retooling, Short-Pulse Laser Machines, Manufacturing Cells, Automation Enclosures

To learn more about some of these markets and what Hennig has to offer them, check out the links below.