Machine Roof Bellow Covers

The lightweight, movable folding machine roof cover can be custom designed for any size and most guidance systems. Engineered with a double fold unit for increased stroke, our roof protect systems can be manufactured to any dimensions to suit your application, helping to protect against dust, particles, and other debris from escaping or entering the roof of the machine tool.


  • Adaptable into new machine designs and can be retrofitted to older machines.
  • Engineered with a double fold to achieve the lowest possible compressed length
  • White, translucent fold material provides an optimum brightness in the working area
  • 2 ply, rigid polyester (PET) sheets with polyurethane (TPU) coating on both sides
  • Decoupling option to allow for overhead loading and unloading
  • Temp. resistance -30°C (-22°F) to 110°C (230°F)
  • L max typically up to 24 meters (78.75'), but can be custom designed for larger applications
  • Standard double fold depth 125mm (up to 300 mm maximum)
  • Speed up to 90 m/min
  • Acceleration up to 1g
  • Transverse beams made of aluminum extrusions.
  • Slide way systems depending on requirements (rollers, gliders, slide ways)
  • Motorized version for opening and closing (conforms with the EC machine directives)
  • Individual folding segments are interchangeable for easy repair


We plan the folded bellow roof specifically according to your requirements.  The implementation of the roof protect system can be done with the existing slide way or with a new customized slide way.


  • Carbon fiber processing (aerospace)
  • Protection against dust and particles
  • Noise protection
  • Sound insulation
  • Environment protection
  • Health protection

Machine Roof Bellow Cover: Overview

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The Advantages of a Roof Bellow

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