Hinge Belt Chip Conveyors

A proven conveyor solution for a variety of materials, chip types, and chip loads. Hinge belt (link, chain) chip conveyors, the most common conveyor type, can be modified to handle more troublesome waste like tough scrap and heavy parts.


  • Overload/jam protection
  • Low-profile design
  • Integrated coolant tank
  • Coolant filtration
  • Incline Angle | 60º / 45º (standard); custom angles as required
  • Belt Pitches | 1.5" (38.1 mm), 2.5" (63.0 mm)
  • Cleats | Serrated, flat, inverted "v", custom
  • Heavy-Duty Impact Plates | For heavy scrap or parts
  • Top Hat Cover | For bundled chips
  • Chip Type
    • Aluminum/brass/steel
    • Bushy/stringy/broken chips
    • Mixed chip loads
    • Heavy duty scrap or remnants
  • Variable Speed Drive | 0.8 m/min - 3.3 m/min
  • Paint | Textured blue, white, gray, black (standard)

Limitations of the hinge belt conveyors include:

  • Motorized air intake louver or dampers
  • Motorized air discharge dampers
  • Gravity radiator air discharge louvers
  • Fixed louvers
  • Sound attenuated louvers
  • Chip Types | Grinding dust, fine chips, and cast iron

hinged steel belt cnc chip conveyors