MW C Molded Way Wipers

Molded wipers offer a highly flexible wiper lip that is ideal for large steel plates with inaccuracies on the surface. Optional high-grade steel spring can also be vulcanized to the rubber for superior protection against hot chips in the machining environment.

A pre-load up to 4 mm (while maintaining constant low friction) makes the MW C molded way wiper especially suitable for the internal space of high-speed drilling.

TypePart NoHSWTDLengthMaterial
MW C 1TW-10001972515.531229800NBR
MW C 6LTW-10250303020.5312341000FPM
MW C 7TW-10000873020.5312-800NBR
MW C 7LTW-10250313020.5312-1000NBR
MW C 8TW-10002023020.5312-800FPM
MW C 8LTW-10240483020.5312-1000FPM
MW C 9TW-10186203525.531239800NBR
MW C 10TW-10250323525.531239800FPM
MW C 11TW-10250333525.5312-800NBR
MW C 12TW-10250343525.5312-800FPM
MW C 13TW-10997453020.0312-1200NBR
MW C 1LTW-10762012515.0312291000NBR
MW C 14TW-11062833020.0312-1200FPM
MW C 2TW-10001982515.531229800FPM
MW C 2LTW-11062822515.0312291000FPM
MW C 3TW-10001992515.5312-800NBR
MW C 4TW-10002002515.5312-800FPM
MW C 5TW-10001133020.531234800NBR
MW C 5LTW-10179513020.5312341000NBR
MW C 6TW-10002013020.531234800FPM

All dimensions in mm

C-Style Molded Wiper with spring steel

without spring steel


with spring steel