MW D Way Wiper

Molded wipers offer a highly flexible wiper lip that is ideal for large steel plates with inaccuracies on the surface. Optional high-grade steel spring can also be vulcanized to the rubber for superior protection against hot chips in the machining environment.

This wiper is especially suitable for the internal space of high-speed drilling when a pre-load up to 3 mm (while maintaining constant low friction) is applied.

TypePart NoHSWTLengthMaterial
MW D 1TW-10002033927315850NBR
MW D 6TW-10047773220315850FPM
MW D 7TW-10211363220315850NBR
MW D 8TW-10211373220315850FPM
MW D 9TW-10361484527321.51000NBR
MW D 10TW-10414474527321.51000FPM
MW D 11TW-10414484527321.51000NBR
MW D 12TW-10414494527321.51000FPM
MW D 13TW-110161139273151500NBR
MW D 14TW-110628739273151500FPM
MW D 15TW-107830539273151500NBR
MW D 1LTW-107295139273151200NBR
MW D 16TW-110628639273151500FPM
MW D 17TW-11062884527321.52000NBR
MW D 18TW-11062894527321.51800FPM
MW D 2TW-10002043927315850FPM
MW D 2LTW-110628539273151200FPM
MW D 3TW-10002053927315850NBR
MW D 3LTW-110628439273151200NBR
MW D 4TW-10002063927315850FPM
MW D 4LTW-107287139273151200FPM
MW D 5TW-10047833220315850NBR

All dimensions in mm

D-Style Molded Wiper

Pre-load up to 3mm