MW E Molded Way Wipers

The type E molded wipers are ideal for cleaning guideways that have steps or interruptions in the surface. When maintaining a pre-load of up to 3 mm (while maintaining constant low friction), the E style wiper is able to compensate for inaccuracies between cover parts (e.g. machine doors).

TypePart NoHSWLengthMaterial
MW E 1TW-10002072517.32600NBR
MW E 6TW-1089799453221200FPM
MW E 1LTW-10758812517.32800NBR
MW E 2TW-10002082517.32600FPM
MW E 2LTW-10648172517.32800FPM
MW E 3TW-10000983419.32600NBR
MW E 3LTW-105637934.519.321200NBR
MW E 4TW-10002113419.32600FPM
MW E 4LTW-106216634.519.321200FPM
MW E 5TW-1103742453221200NBR

All dimensions in mm

E-Style Molded Wiper